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My toddler is not talking much

There can be many reasons why your child is not talking as much as other children. Sometimes it’s just because they’re a “late bloomer” but other times there might be underlying difficulties with saying the sounds of speech or learning the words to say. Never is it simply because “He’s a boy”… although it is true that boys can be a bit slower off the mark than girls. Regardless of gender, here are the milestones to watch out for when it comes to communication development:

· By 12 months, we expect babies to be making sounds, using some gestures (eg. Bye bye, pointing) and saying a few words.

· By 18 months, we expect toddlers to be saying 6 – 20 words (they may not always be easy to understand) and they can copy lots of words and noises.

· By 2 years, we expect toddlers to have more than 50 words (usually MANY more!) and they are starting to put words together into phrases (eg. “bye teddy”, “no ball”)

· By 3 years, children are usually speaking in 4-5 word sentences and asking lots of questions. At this age, children are also starting to get easier to understand.

There is more information of communication milestones on the Speech Pathology Australia website

If you are worried about your child meeting their communication milestones, please get in touch!




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