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My child is stuttering or is repeating words/sounds

If your child is stuttering, you may notice one or more of the following:

o Repeating sounds, parts or words, whole words or phrases (eg. c-c-cat, we-we-we, I want-I want-I want…)

o Stretching (prolonging) the sounds (eg. Wwwwwwhen are we going?)

o Getting stuck (blocking) on sounds/words where no sound comes out at all

It is quite common for children to stutter between two and five years of age, and many children grow out of stuttering without therapy. The problem is researchers haven’t been able to tell the difference between those children who recover and those who continue to stutter into adulthood. The Australian Stuttering Research Centre (ASRC) suggests parents contact a speech pathologist who can monitor your child’s stutter closely and advise you when therapy might be needed.

If your child has been stuttering for 6 months or more or your child is five and older, we encourage you to contact us to start therapy as soon as possible (based on the advice of the ASRC).


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