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My child is struggling at school

Speech pathologists regularly help children with literacy and language difficulties that are impacting on their success at school. Literacy is a skill that is grounded in language skills and is therefore very much in the speech pathologist’s domain!

If your child has difficulties with literacy, you might notice:

o Difficulties learning letters and their sounds

o Difficulty sounding out words when reading

o Difficulty spelling

o Slow progress with reading and spelling at school

o Difficulties with reading comprehension

o Difficulties with writing longer stories

We would recommend an assessment of your child’s language and literacy skills if you have noticed any of the above or if your child’s teacher has suggested contacting a speech pathologist for support. An assessment gives us the chance to explore the many areas of language and literacy to identify your child’s strengths and challenges when it comes to literacy. Sometimes further assessment by a psychologist or occupational therapist might be needed to explore memory, visual processing, and/or general learning skills.


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