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My child has trouble talking in sentences, following instructions, and/or using the right words

When speech pathologists talk about “language skills”, we are really talking about the “meaning-making” parts of communicating – how we send messages (expressive language) and receive messages (receptive language). “Language” is very broad and includes lots of different skills such as vocabulary, grammar, social skills, story-telling, following instructions, and understanding different concepts. We use language skills in written communication as well as spoken communication.

When a child has difficulty with language skills, you might notice things like:

o Difficulty following instructions

o Difficulty answering questions

o Doesn’t speak in sentences like other children the same age

o Sounds a bit immature

o Can’t think of the words he/she wants to say, or perhaps uses lots of gestures instead of words

o Difficulty understanding stories (when listening or reading)

o Difficulty telling stories about favourite shows/movies or things that have happened at daycare/school/on the weekend/on holidays

o Explanations or stories might be really long and/or hard to follow

o Difficulty getting thoughts in order to write a story or complete written work

If you are worried about your child’s language skills, we can complete an assessment to identify any areas where your child might be having difficulty so you will have more information for supporting your child. If your child does have difficulties with one or more areas of language skills, we can develop a plan for supporting them and building their skills.




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