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My child has a diagnosis and we are looking for supports

Whether you are brand new on your journey or have been supporting your child for many years, we can provide support for your child including (but definitely not limited to);

  • Speech sounds – improving your child’s speech production so they are easier to understand and less frustrated by people misunderstanding them.

  • Receptive language skills – improving your child’s ability to understand questions or follow instructions so they can more easily follow what is happening at school/daycare/home and don’t get into trouble as much for not listening.

  • Expressive language skills – helping your child improve their ability to get their message across by building their vocabulary, increasing their sentence length, and reporting on things that have happened.

  • Feeding skills – improving your child’s ability to chew and swallow a variety of textures in order to minimise mealtime stress.

  • Social skills – supporting your child to develop their own communication style and to understand how and why others communicate so that they can navigate social situations more successfully.

  • Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) - improving your child’s ability get their needs and wants met by giving them a way to communicate.

  • Communication partner support – educating and training those that interact with your child so they know how and why your child communicates and can respond appropriately and support your child in their daily conversations.


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